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Green Goddess Alliance

A mindset designed to align ourselves with Mother Earth

Congratulations, just by dining at any of our restaurants or cafes, you have joined our Alliance. Our commitment to the environment was defined and launched in 2008 with The Green Goddess Alliance – emphasizing our support of local farmers, promotion of sustainability and smarter use of our waste products. By choosing disposable products made from potatoes, corn and sugar cane, to composting and recycling programs at all of our locations, the Green Goddess Alliance has received nationally-recognized awards for our green intentions including a national Stevie Award for Environmental Stewardship and a 2009 Green Award by the Charlotte Business Journal for our Green Action Program. Not only is the Green Goddess Alliance an integral part of our everyday practices at MEG, it is also a huge contribution to what sets up apart from other restaurants and caterers.

Trash Tak Logo

Trash Talk

In conjunction with the student-led and organized Trash Talk program, Community Cafe is proud to feature a hands-on composting program that teaches kids and schools how to start helping the environment through composting and recycling.