My Romance

Love Is In The Air admin Mother Earth Group Milestone Jill Morsel

My romance with my husband Gary will always have memories tied to Something Classic. Back in the early, early days of Something Classic, Karen Teed and I rented kitchen space from the Sunset Bar & Grill on East Blvd...Karen & I belonged anywhere but here. It was not the most romantic spot to be sure: the aroma of stale beer emanated from the carpets, the smell of fried fish was in the air and on occasion we would find our ready-to-go out to an event French cheese & charcuterie board on their happy hour buffet!

However, one fated night, after hours of prepping for a wedding, we decided to have a seat, sip a beer and listen to the band. That's when I saw Gary Marcus, playing piano with the Beth Chorneau trio. He was the most intriguing and talented male creature I had ever spied. We made eye contact, serious eye contact, for what seemed like hours. I approached the bandstand shyly . . . we had a few words and of course he called me the next day. After that first date over Thai food, we were in love. Our conversations were easy, playful and full of electricity. We were inseparable. Three weeks later I was meeting his family in New York and the next month he was asking permission for my hand from my Dad. Five months later, we hopped a plane to Greece for the romantic elopement. Our wedding was at sunset, overlooking the Aegean Sea on the Isle of Santorini. "Ours is an endless, timeless, infinite love" . . . as we said in our vows, all so redundantly.

We both knew that we had met the person we were supposed to be with as soon as we first saw one another. I believe the universe is forever looking after us and has a grand scheme for our well-being. Romance can appear in the most unexpected of places if you trust your heart.